Apple Recommends Simplicity for a Good App Store Optimization

These are the tips for developers to optimize the products

The ASO (App Store Optimization) is a process to increase the interest in an application.

It would be the same process as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but in app stores.

The text must be accurate about the application to make the user download it, and then don’t be disappointed.

A great process combines the writing of a text that is short and catches the user’s attention.

Apple has a tutorial of ASO best practices on its website for developers. Below is a summary of them.


The App Name is critical. The name needs to be simple, distinctive, and memorable. Avoid generic terms and similar existing apps.

It must be no longer than 30 characters.


The icon is the first element that users see. It should be recognizable. Avoid unnecessary visual details.

Apple recommends trying testing different options for icons.


This part summarizes an app in a phrase. The ASO Writer should highlight features or typical use.

A new version of the app allows a change in the subtitle. The phrase can be up to 30 characters long.

It can be a direct message to the user. “Where good ideas find you.” is the subtitle of Medium, for example.


A short video that users can watch demonstrates features, functionality, and UI (User Interface).

Previews can have more than 30 seconds. In the Apple Store, the default is autoplay with muted audio on the product page.

The idea of ​​the APP Previews is to engage the user by teaching how the application works.


Allows you to communicate the User Experience visually. The limit is 10 screenshots on App Store.

Focus on the mains features. Apple suggests using one screenshot for Dark Mode if the App has this option.


A good one is an informative paragraph and a list of main features. The ideal description is concise, argues Apple.

This is the space to show the “tone of your brand.” Before downloading the application, the user is familiar with the terminology.

As a journalistic news lead, the first sentence is the most important. It would help if you captured the reader. Don’t use unnecessary keywords in your description.

Promotional Text

It appears at the top of the description. The promotion text is a recommended space to present the latest news from the application.


The search results had the keywords as a factor to determine where your app displays.

The application gains relevance in the results if the chosen word is specific to its functionality.

The most popular terms bring more traffic, but there will be more competition. Examples: “jobs” or “social.”

Specific words achieve a more niche audience and are more likely to rank. Example: “Property,” “House.”

The limit is 100 characters. Apple also has a list of improprieties that can lead to the app's rejection in the store.


On the product page, the user can view some of the offers that your application has.

The best practice for the benefits is to be descriptive, accurate, and concise.

The limit for the offer name is 30 characters, and the description is 45 characters.

What’s New

This space communicates the changes and news of the updated versions.

You can inform users that a bug has been fixed.

Ratings and Reviews

Search rankings have evaluations as an influencer of positioning.

It is important to engage users to make positives ratings and reviews—APIs help to achieve feedback.

The grades are from one to five stars with a small comment.


Like almost everything, apps are divided into categories.

The first category is the most important for the application’s availability in the rankings.

However, choosing a category that is not relevant to its features can result in rejection.


An application that targets markets worldwide with multiple languages ​​requires the translation of all ASE elements: description, keywords, previews, and screenshots.

An accurate translation for the local audience increases the resonance of the application.

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