Influencer Who Make a Party in the Pandemic Is Canceled

After contamination of 47, Internet Court asks Instagram to delete his profile

Daily the Brazilian Internet summarizes personalities that did something wrong.

Digital influencers are a category of workers who are most affected by these situations.

Carlinhos Maia has 21 million followers on Instagram.

On December 18, the influencer organized the party “Natal da Vila.”

Without masks, hundreds of people crowded in an enclosed space. The party even had a large stage where musicians performed.

A week later, 47 people who worked on organizing contracted Covid-19. The journalist Erlan Bastos revealed the information. The influencer denies the report.

Singer Mileide Mihaile, who showed at the party, tested positive and spent Christmas in isolation. She has 3.7 million followers on Instagram.

“Every time I heard about Carlinhos Maia, it was against my will.”
“The biggest cancellation is not “shouting” on Twitter, but failing to follow and therefore endorsing. Do not consume. Leave the influencer with no one to influence. That goes for anonymous and artists who follow Carlinhos Maia. 2021 is there, time to clean up social media.”

Since yesterday, at least 55,000 publications have commented on the case on Twitter. Most disapprove of the situation.

A petition asks Instagram to cancel his profile.

Internet content creators need to be responsible for the information they publish. In a pandemic, this situation difficult for the work of the health authorities.

Is it fair to delete a profile, which is not just personal but a business?

Technology companies, which often also deny being media, have increasingly needed to analyze cases like this.

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